069.jpg Haswell & Hecker: Revision (Mego)
single-sided 12″ Vinyl, in clear sleeve + large sticker! Edition: 500!

Haswell & Hecker: Orange-Time-Shock-Format-Wave-Re-Composition (Remix for VOICE CRACK)


“John Mayer could remix Voice Crack, and the results would still go down like broken glass, but when noise-mongers Russell Haswell and Florian Hecker man the boards, things’re bound to be jagged. Originally released as a track from a Voice Crack remix album, this single-sided 12” restores the decibels mysteriously removed from the original release. The change must’ve made quite a difference, because Revision is fucking intense. High-end digital squalls, insect stampedes, and lightning strikes fill in the loud of the abrupt silent/loud dynamics at work here. And while noise is (in a sense) always noise, Revision maintains a sterile, high-minded quality that separates it from the bloody gums attack of Merzbow and Hair Police, and it even approaches delicacy at times. I was scared anyway. Those accustomed to this sort of shredding might find Revision tame, but it packs enough horror movie turns to turn away the faint of heart. I can’t tell you if this release is good per se, or if it stays true to the source material, or really any such relevant information, but at least I wasn’t bored.” [Bryan Berge] http://www.stylusmagazine.com

earth.jpg Earth: Legacy of Dissolution (No Quater)
Compact Disc, 2x 12″ Vinyl.
Remix Compilation inc: Autechre, Mogwai, Sunn0))).

Russell Haswell: Tibetan Quaaludes [Waveset Sloth Mix]


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