secondlivesalvage_cover.jpg Russell Haswell: Second Live Salvage (Mego)
2×12″ vinyl.
Catalogues salvaged material, recorded by others & tracked down from solo laptop audio presentations over a seven year period.

08:12.14, 2000, Museu de Cièmcies, Valencia.
10:53.82, 2002, Färgfabriken, Stockholm.
16:02.84, 2002, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt.
18:37.59, 2004, Engine Rooms, Brighton.
05:08.62, 2006, Point Éphémère, Paris.
10:12.81, 2007, IKKI, Kita Kyushu.‘Bonus Recording’ Russell Haswell & Toshiji Mikawa.


PVmvhh.jpg Popol Vuh: Mika Vainio / Haswell & Hecker Remixes 12″ (Editions Mego)

Nachts: Schnee (Mika Vainio Remix)
Aguirre I (Haswell & Hecker Remix)

Cut by Rashad Becker @ Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin December 2007


WAP239_RectanglePackshot_350web.jpg Haswell & Hecker: UPIC WARP TRACKS (Warp Records)
DIGIPAK CD and DOWNLOAD, with sleeve notes by DAVID FALCONER


…”As with Blackest Ever Black, the pieces collected here are resolutely abstract, never taking on any sort of easily digestible, linear form, and while some might be inclined to discount these pieces as mere noise there’s so much more going on – so much crisp, beautiful detail. If it’s still possible to hear any new sounds in music (in an age when it seems all information ever gathered is all around us, all the time) you might just find one or two of them here. It’s particularly satisfying to find Warp still supporting the frontline of electronic music; this is experimental sound at its most exciting, and for that matter, most experimental. Very highly recommended.”

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